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Sofia Christidou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She studied English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University (1992) and received her Master entitled “Science of Language and Communication in the New Economic Environment” directed in Translation, from the Joint Postgraduate Studies programme (J.P.P.S.) of AUTH in 2007. She works as an English teacher for 28 consecutive years in all levels of public education, professional training and in-service training, and in private education too. Also, she works as a translator / interpreter, having 24 years of experience. She owns a PhD in Translation from the University of Western Macedonia, Florina, Primary Education (2014) and received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Neapolis University of Pafos directed in Educational Administration (2014) and a 2nd Master from the same university directed in General Administration (2015). For the last two years she is a member of the Special Scientific Staff of the University of Western Macedonia, for the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic School in Kozani, and the Applied & visual Arts Department of Fine Arts Faculty and the Department of Elementary of the Faculty of Education in Florina. She is a certified user of four foreign languages ​​(English, French, Italian, German) and she is specialized in adult education, teaching English for special causes, academic purposes and the education of people with learning disabilities and visual impairments. She is also a certified instructor of adult Non-Formal Education.



Selected Publications 1) S.Christidou-S. Kamaroudis: First steps in translation: reviewing translation both as a teaching method and as an assessment tool. Research in the schools of engineering, pedagogy and fine arts, University of Western Macedonia Greece, 10th Annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia (Spain). 7th-8th March, 2016. Included in the 2016 Proceedings
2) S.Christidou: Foreign Language Learning for the Visually Impaired in the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece: Problems and Suggestions, US-China Foreign Language, USA , vol.14, issue 3, March 2016.
3) S.Christidou: ‘A crossroads of seven streets: A control mechanism of trilingual scientific texts translations’, US-China Foreign Language, USA , vol.14, issue 2, February 2016.
4) S.Christidou, S.Kamaroudis & D. Chrysoulidis: ‘Translating through seven “paths” A control mechanism for the translation of academic scientific texts applied in linguistic and telecommunications terms English<>Greek, French<>Greek’, Proceedings of the 10th Conference “Hellenic Language and Terminology”, Hellenic Society of Terminology, Athens, November 12-14, 2015
5) S.Christidou & S.Kamaroudis: ‘Attempting avant-garde teaching in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) through translation and creative writing. The cases of the Schools of Engineering, Departmernts of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, and the School of Humanities, Department of Applied and Visual Arts, University of Western Macedonia’, 4th International Conference “Foreign Language Teaching in Tertiary Education IV: Economy and Foreign Languages”, October 15-17, 2015, Igoumenitsa, Greece
6) S.Christidou & S.Kamaroudis: ‘Give place to imagination, two examples: Schools of Humanities and Engineering, University of Western Macedonia, Creative writing as an alternative teaching method’. 2nd International Symposium of Creative Writing, Ionio University, Department of Archives, Library Science and Museum Studies, Regional Administration of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ionian Islands, Corfu, October 1-4, 2015
7) S.Christidou & S.Kamaroudis: ‘Teaching the English Language along with the Greek Language for Specific Purposes at Schools of Humanities: A case study at the Department of Applied and Visual Arts of the School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia in Florina, Greece, International conference For Literature, History and Culture, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan (Poland), April 15-18, 2015
8) S.Christidou: ‘Was accidence an accident? That is the question!’, 22nd International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Hellenic Society of Applied Linguistics, AUTh, KEDEA (Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center), April 24-26, 2015
9) S.Christidou & S.Kamaroudis: ‘Seven arrows in a quiver’, 5th Business Meeting of the Greek-speaking Translatologists of the department of French Language & Literature, AUTh, KEDEA (Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center), May 22-24, 2015
10) S.Christidou: ‘A compass for the technical texts translator: Special fields of language and telecommunications’, 9th Panhellenic Conference of Hellenic Educational Society under the title ‘Greek pedagogic and Educational Research’, Florina, November 28-30, 2014
11) S.Christidou: The evolution of public expenses for the Education in Greece since 2000. p.119 issue n.75/2014, Decentarlization, Local Government and Regional Development Review. Directed by Editorial Committee of University Professors and Specialized Scientists. Referee System. ISSN 1106-91-71
12) English-Greek dictionary of Telecommunication terminology, Technical Book Publication A.Tziolas and Sons. ( 21 Fillipou street, Thessaloniki), 2009, ISBN 978-960-418, revised edition 2015.
13) Seminar publication with title: “Foreign language learning to visually impaired people”. Detection of problems and suggestions”. Magazine by E.K.A.D.E.B.E. (Union of English teachers in public education – Northern Greece), page 6, issue 24, October 2009.
14) “Translation difficulties of Academic Telecommunication texts (English<> Greek).Evaluation of translating attitudes”. Issue 99 of the tri-monthly publication of French teachers union of Northern Greece “APLF Communication”, May 2008 (page 13-25).
15) Electronic publication in elt newsletter, January issue, 2005. Article with title “Christmas Memory” written with S.Avtzoglou, concerning additional teaching material for efficient vocabulary understanding by elementary school pupils.
16) Publication in the records of 1st Esp Conference of Kavala with title: “Conference on teaching: A trend or a demand?” Kavala 5-6/06/2004, of the article “Legal grammar of lease contracts” (together with E.Kasapi, M.Mironidou, E.Fillipatou), concerning “Translation Studies”.
17) Publication in the records of 1st Esp Conference of Kavala with title: “Conference on Teaching: A trend or a demand?” Kavala 5-6/06/2004, of the article: “Participants and the obstacles to participation to Group work”, concerning Linguistics application in English teaching for special purposes at a university level.
18) Article for Bridges column, Bridges to … creative ideas, 5th issue, January 2001, with title “The Halloween Story” (written with A.Avtzoglou ).
19) Article writing for “Bridges” issue 1, September 1999 (Teachers of English Union of Thrace Review) under the title:”Teaching English in the multicultural school” (together with N.Kokas, R.Hatzitoulousi, A.Papanis)Published translations:1) Translation from Greek to English of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Study Guide, University of Western Macedonia, 2015
2) Translation from Greek to English of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications Study Guide, University of Western Macedonia, 20153) Translation from English to Greek of a scientific article by authors Georgia Malandraki and Areti Okalidou, on 20/05/2005, with title: “The application of PECS in a non-verbal 10 year old Greek boy diagnosed with autism and profound hearing loss”, to be presented as a report at the 10th Pan-Hellenic conference of speech teachers with topic: Disturbances of communication, autism, positions and approaches.4) Translation from Greek to English of the course titles of the studies for the Department of Educational and Social Sciences for the academic year 2004/05, intended for the webpage of the University of Macedonia.
5) Translation on 09/01/2004 of a part of the updated book of studies for the Department of International and European Economic Studies (D.E.O.P.S), which came out in June 2004.
6) “Human Rights of the Greek communities in Turkey (Pontos, Konstantinople, Imvros, Tenedos)”, scientific conference, Thessaloniki, 25, 26, 27 of September 1992.
7) “Human Rights of the Greek-Orthodox minorities in Southern Yugoslavia and Southern Bulgaria”, scientific conference, Thessaloniki, 15th of April, 1992Research interests:Teaching foreign languages for academic purposes, Translation, Translatology, American culture / African-American writers.