Evangelos Tolis
Position Laboratory Teaching Staff  

University of Western MacedoniaTolis

Department Mechanical Engineering

Bakola & Sialvera, 50100 Kozani,
Office: 200

Contact Data

Tel.: +30 24610 56705

e-mail: etolis@uowm.gr

Relationship Member of the academic staff since 2009  
 Curriculum Vitae

– Diploma in Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Aristotle            University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1996)

– PhD Chemistry Department, Ioannina University (2002)

PhD Thesis title: “Studies of vanadium compounds with amidate ligands: Effect of the axial ligands to the EPR parameters of the oxovanadium(IV) compounds”

– – Post doctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Ioannina    working at the research program “Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of vanadium compounds of oxidative state (II) and (III) with possible catalytic effects on alkenes polymerization. (Project Leader:  Associate Professor Themistoklis Kabanos

– Research Associate at the University of Manchester (U.K.) Chemistry Department under the Supervisor of Professor Richard E. Winpenny : “Synthesis and magnetic properties of molecular and polymeric materials”.  (2002-2003)

– Research Associate at National Hellenic Research Foundation, in the Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory of Organic and Organometallic Chemistry, working at “Transition metals complex compounds with application to the homogeneous aqueous phase catalysis”. (Supervisor: Dr. Ioannis D. Kostas, Research Director) (2004-2005)

Course Catalogue

104. Chemistry

386. Emissions and Transport of Air Pollutants


Professional Experience

– Laboratory Teaching Staff in Environmental Technology Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia (2009-now).

– Research Associate at the Environmental Technology Laboratory, University of West Macedonia, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Supervisor: Prof. John G. Bartzis).     06/2006-06/2009


Participate in several projects as a research scientist some of them are/were:

·          Prioritization of Building Materials as Indoor Pollution Sources “BUMA project”

·         «Common Mediterranean strategy and local Actions for the mitigation of Port, Industries and Cities Emissions» (APICE)

·         Emissions exposure patterns and health effects of consumer products in the EU (EPHECT)


– Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia undergraduate courses   i) “Chemical Technology”  ii) “Laboratory of Chemistry”  (2004-2012)

Selected Publications

– Monomeric Compounds Containing the cis-[V(=O)(OH)]+ core.

Evangelos J. Tolis, Manolis J. Manos, Anastasios J. Tasiopoulos, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Aris Terzis, Michael P. Sigalas, Yiannis Deligiannakis, and Themistoklis A. Kabanos ANGEWANDTE  CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL  EDITION, 2002, 41, 2797-2801.


-Synthesis and Characterization of Iron (III) Phosphonate Cage Complexes.

Evangelos I. Tolis, Madeleine Helliwell, Stuart Langley, James Raftery, and Richard E. P. Winpenny. ANGEWANDTE  CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL  EDITION, 2003, 42, 3804-3808.


-Interactions of oxovanadium (IV) and the quinolone family member-ciprofloxacin.

Iztok Turel, Amalijia Golobic, Ales Klavzar, Boris Pihlar, Peter Buglyo, Evangelos Tolis, Dieter Rehder, Kristina Sepcic. JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 2003, 95, 199-207.


-Monomeric Oxovanadium (IV) Compounds of the General Formula cis-[VIV(=O)(X)(LNN)2]+/0 {X=OH-, Cl-, SO42- and LNN=2,2’-bipyridine (bipy) or 4,4’-di-substituted bipy}. Georgios D. Triantafillou, Evangelos J. Tolis, Yiannis Deligiannakis, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Michael P. Sigalas,  and Themistoklis A. Kabanos

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2004, 43, 79-91.


-A new rhodium complex with a nitrogen-containing bis(phosphine oxide) ligand as an efficient catalyst for the hydroformylation of styrene.

E.I. Tolis, K.A. Vallianatou, F.J. Andreadaki, I.D. Kostas.

APPL. ORGANOMET. CHEM. 2006, 20(5), 335-337.


– Concentrations of VOCs and Ozone in Indoor Environments: a Case Study in Two Mediterranean Cities During Winter Period

J.G. Bartzis, C. Michael, S. Michaelidou, D. Missia, D. Saraga, E. Tolis, S. Psoma, C. Petaloti, D. Kotzias, J. M. Barero- Moreno



– PAHs Sources Contribution to the Air Quality of an Office Environment: Experimental Results and Receptor Model (PMF) Application

Dikaia E. Saraga, Thomas Maggos, Athanasios Sfetsos, Evangelos I. Tolis, Spyros Andronopoulos, John G. Bartzis and Christos Vasilakos



– Indoor exposure from building materials: A field study.

Dafni A. Missia , E. Demetriou , N. Michael , E.I. Tolis , J.G. Bartzis

ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 2010, 44, 4388-4395.


– One-year intensive characterization on PM2.5 nearby port area of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Evangelos I. Tolis, Dikaia E. Saraga, Katerina F. Filiou, Nikolaos I. Tziavos,  Chistos P. Tsiaousis, Athanasios Dinas, John G. Bartzis

Environ Sci Pollut Res, 2015, 22 (9), 6812-6826. DOI 10.1007/s11356-014-3883-7


–  On organic emissions testing from indoor consumer products’ use.

J. Bartzis, P. Wolkoff, M. Stranger, G. Efthimiou, E.I. Tolis, F. Maes, A.W. Nørgaard, G. Ventura, K.K. Kalimeri, E. Goelen, O. Fernandes Journal of Hazardous Materials 2015, 285 37–45.


– PM2.5 chemical composition in five European Mediterranean cities: A 1-year study.

Dalia Salameh, Anais Detournay, Jorge Pey, Noemi Pérez, Francesca Liguori, Dikaia Saraga, Maria Chiara Bove, Paolo Brotto, Federico Cassola, Dario Massabò, Aurelio Latella, Silvia Pillon, Gianni Formenton, Salvatore Patti, Alexandre Armengaud, Damien Piga, Jean Luc Jaffrezo, John Bartzis, Evangelos Tolis, Paolo Prati, Xavier Querol, Henri Wortham, Nicolas Marchand Atmospheric Research 2015, 155, 102–117.


– Concentration and chemical composition of PM2.5 for a one-year period at Thessaloniki, Greece: A comparison between city and port area.

Evangelos I. Tolis, Dikaia E. Saraga, Magdalini K. Lytra, Anastasia Ch. Papathanasiou, Panteleimon N. Bougaidis, Orestis E. Prekas-Patronakis, Ioannis I. Ioannidis, John G. Bartzis

Atmospheric Environment 2015, 113, 197-207.

Research Interests

– Environmental – atmospheric pollution and human exposure to injurious emissions (PM, VOC, PAH, carbonyl compounds,etc)

– Indoor air quality and emissions of building materials and consumer products.

– Environmental chemical analysis using various techniques

– Synthesis characterization and study of polymetallic nanomaterials with interesting magnetic properties.

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