The Environmental Engineering studies are concluded with a diploma thesis. The thesis is an extensive, in-depth study of a scientific area of expertise in Environmental Engineering. It aims to demonstrate that the student is able to work and to expand the knowledge in a specific scientific field. Each student can choose at the end of the 8th semester the topic to develop the thesis and the supervising Professor. Titles and brief descriptions of the topics are available on the website of the department.


Composition of the three-member Supervisory Committee

Right to participate in the tripartite Thesis Exam Committee have all faculty members of the Department of Environmental Engineering and other departments of the University of Western Macedonia or another recognized higher education institution either national of international or a Researcher from a recognized Research Institution / Agency or an esteemed scholar (with a Ph.D. ) working in the private sector.


The Supervisor can only be a faculty member of the Department of Environmental Engineering, who chairs the Exam Committee. All members are required to be present for the defense of the Diploma Thesis. The subject of the thesis and the membership of the Exam Committee are approved by the General Assembly. The progress of the thesis is monitored at regular intervals in collaboration with the student, the Supervisor and the other members of the committee.


Timeframe for the completion of the Thesis

The minimum time for completion is one academic semester. In the case of group work (up to 2 people) it is required to present a single written report, regardless of the number of team members.


Thesis Grading

The Thesis is graded separately by each of the three members of the Examination Committee. The average of the three grades is the final Thesis grade. The weighting factor of the thesis shall be 10% of the total grade, so that it corresponds to one (1) full semester.