At the beginning of each semester and on specified dates, each student must submit to the Administration Office of the Department a statement including those courses he decides to attend in the specific semester. This can be accomplished through a special application form, available from the Administration Office. The course statement is essentially equivalent to the student`s enrollment per semester in the Department.

After the deadline no statement will be accepted as any course change will not be allowed.

The curriculum is divided into two Cycles: The First Cycle (1st-3rd year) only includes mandatory courses. The Second Cycle (4th-5th year) includes mandatory courses and electives. The succession of courses in Semesters is indicative and not compulsory for students except for the sequence of prerequisite and dependent prerequisites.

In every Semester of the Second Cycle it is allowed the registration of up to 8 courses, with the exception of the 10th Semester and onwards in which the student can register up to 10 courses. The choice of mandatory elective courses can be made of for all available Fall Semester elective courses during the fall semester and respectively the same applies for the Spring Semester.

Students have the opportunity to participate in two (2) examination periods for each course they have registered for during an academic semester. For the Fall Semester, the first examination period is held in January while the second in September. For the Spring Semester, the first examination period is held in June whereas the second one is also held in September.

Students who do not satisfy the requirements for the successful completion of a course even after the second examination period have to register again for the particular course in a subsequent semester and fulfill all attendance and examination requirements anew

Course registration is conducted electronically via the special Students Records Web-site